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Zoom Apartment, based in Nha Trang city, operates multiple offices and has three primary departments. Zoom Apartment is a property management company that offers professional services to unit owners who require assistance in managing their real estate investments. This includes finding tenants, as well as selling properties. Currently, Zoom Apartment manages properties in five buildings in Nha Trang, providing high standard hospitality services as apartment hotels and homestays.

Secondly, Zoom Apartment has a real estate agency department that assists customers in rental properties such as apartments, villas, and houses, as well as providing investment consultation, selling or buying properties, and other real estate services in Nha Trang.

Thirdly, Zoom Apartment is a hospitality brand in Nha Trang that operates apartments, hotels, and homestays. They support guests in their short-term vacation rentals and long-term leases in Zoom's apartments.

Additionally, there is a Blogs and News project team, consisting of Mee and Julie in the media department, who discover and review different locations around Nha Trang. Based on their experiences, they write blogs and news about life in Nha Trang and real estate news in Vietnam and Nha Trang. This is a giving project, without profit, and Zoom Apartment wishes to support our guests and other Nha Trang tourists by providing more information when they visit the city, making them feel at home in a safe, honest, and interesting city.

As of 2023, Zoom Apartment has more than 50 staff members and is continuously growing. Despite running various departments, including property management, vacation rental properties (homestay and apartment hotel services), real estate agencies for renting and selling, and other services, Zoom Apartment maintains a high level of professionalism. We are committed to serving our guests with honesty, passion, and continuously improving our services to provide a valuable experience for visitors to Nha Trang city.



Zoom Apartment aims to provide an ideal living for tourists visiting Nha Trang City


Zoom Apartment向沉默的人传递爱和感激之情

Zoom Apartment向沉默的人传递爱和感激之情

Zoom Apartment 在 10 月 20 日赠送了礼物,以纪念清洁女工和叔叔等勇敢的人们。简单的礼品袋传达了对这座城市美容师的赞赏和感谢。 Zoom Apartment 致力于继续分享爱与欢乐,希望建立一个强大、尊重和支持的社区。

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