Stunning shorefront view at Bãi Rêu

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Nha Trang is famous for its breathtaking ocean views and kilometers of white sand beaches. But where can you relax with some food or a drink and take in the beachfront views? One of the places is Bãi Rêu (“mossy beach”), just south of the Trần Phú Bridge. 


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Location of Bai Reu, route from The Costa Residences

Access the spot from just opposite where Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm street spills out onto Trần Phú boulevard.  There’s a large parking lot servicing a guest house (Nhà Nghỉ Dưỡng 378), a cafe/restaurant (Nha Trang View 378), and the view. 


 The surrounding shore itself is nothing to write home about: a forest of stump-like cement breakwaters, covered in treacherous moss and algae - if you venture out there, watch your step! 



But from the parking lot, or better yet from the cafe, you can see the whole sweep of Nha Trang Beach, clear down to the naval base and Tre Island. 

View of Nha Trang Beach from Bia Reu


Grab a ca phe sửa da (Vietnamese iced coffee, 25k VND) and count up all the islands and islets as you gaze out into Nha Trang Bay.

Ca phe sua da and Bai Reu view
Ca phe sua da, done right!
The to the north, away from the city

A handful of breakfast items are also available at the cafe, at reasonable prices. 

Breakfast options at 378 cafe

Adjoining the 378 cafe is a large restaurant area serving pho, bun, seafood dishes, and more drinks. The restaurant has arguably even better views, and is worth stopping by to drink in the view, at least. 

Restaurant with a view up toward Tu Ton Pagoda and island


Watermelon juice (nước dưa hấu)





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