Runam Bistro: a convenient escape from the beach downtown

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Escape the seaside sun and breeze for a drink or a meal at Runam Bistro.

Runam Bistro

Runam patio seating

Just opposite the beach on Tran Phu boulevard, you can escape the seaside sun and breeze at Runam Bistro. Located on the ground floor in front of The Costa Nha Trang building at 34 Tran Phu street, Runam boasts a spacious patio area out front with plenty of outdoor seating. If you’re looking to escape the outdoor elements for a few minutes, though, the seating options inside are worth exploring. 

Walking through the front entrance, you’ll find an open concept, European-style bistro. The first floor dining area has high ceilings, from which  origami birds hang suspended and light fixtures shed a mellow glow. Stylish and colorful low-backed cushion chairs surround large and small polished wood tables. An ornate, carved wooden bar runs along the right side of the dining area.

Runam Bistro entry area and bar
Plenty of comfortable seating - and origami birds

Food and Beverages

Flip through the menu, and you’ll see that they offer a variety of dishes, from Vietnamese staples like pho bo and banh mi to seafood dishes and western bistro fare. Their menu also features a nice selection of cakes and pastries, for dessert or just for a decadent snack. 

Like any decent bistro, Runam offers a large selection of drinks, both alcoholic and otherwise. The wine list is cosmopolitan, with selections from major wine producing regions such as France (of course), California, Australia, and Chile. There’s also a few (mostly Vietnamese) beers on offer, as well as a full service liquor bar. If you’re in the mood for something non-alcoholic, there are also plenty of options. Choose from beachside go-to’s like Coke or 7up, to a variety of carbonated fruit juices and other refreshers. 

Runam wine list (partial)
Beer and refreshers


There's plenty to choose from - just head in and see what strikes your fancy! We tried the Coconut ice cream (it comes in an actual coconut; 135k VND, $5.75), and the Runam refresher (110k VND, $4.65). They were both delicious. 


Location: 34 Trần Phú street

Hours: 6 am - 10:30 pm, every day

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Runam Bistro: a convenient escape from the beach downtown050
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