Delicious Banh Mi in Nha Trang: A List to Satisfy Your Cravings

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Hungry, but on the go? Take a minute to grab a banh mi: the ultimate Vietnamese street food. “Banh mi” simply translates to “bread”; a more accurate translation would be “Vietnamese sandwich”. Vietnamese Banh Mi is a signature dish of Vietnamese street food that embodies the soulful flavors, cultural heritage, and culinary traditions of Vietnam. 

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Like any sandwich, it does start with the bread. Banh mi can be traced back to the French baguette - with a thin, crispy crust and airy inside. But Vietnamese bread is different: some mixture of local climate, ingredients, and baking magic makes it some of the most delightfully light and delicious 40 cm of bread you’ll ever have. The paper-thin but flavorful crust contains a light, almost hollow interior, perfect for filling with a variety of ingredients - things like grilled pork, beef, chicken, or fish, and fresh vegetables like chopped carrot, cilantro, and chili pepper - all brought together with a savory or spicy sauce. 


Across Vietnam, there are as many kinds of banh mi as there are places to buy it - anywhere from sidewalk stands to chain restaurants. Below are our 5 recommendations for Banh Mi in Nha Trang city:

  1. Banh Mi Phan
  2. Banh Mi Ba Le
  3. A (no name) Banh Mi on Dang Tat street
  4. Roast Pork Banh Mi Ngoc Hai
  5. Banh Mi Nguyen Huong - Vietnamese sausage.



  • Location: 164 Bach Dang, Nha Trang
  • Open time: 6am - 8:30pm, every day. 
  • Price range: 20k-40k VND 
  • You can order via Grab Food

We came to Banh Mi Phan for breakfast and made this video review just for fun, you can click to watch it for more reference:

Banh Mi Phan (former location)

Banh Mi Phan is a family shop founded by the owner’s grandmother in front of her house back in the 1960s. At their new location on 164 Bach Dang street, the tradition continues, and evolves. 


They do it right at Banh Mi Phan. As they will gladly tell you, it all starts with fresh ingredients. Choose from traditional fillings like pork and pate, or fusion fare such as Indonesian roast chicken or roast beef with mozzarella. It’s all combined with crisp veggies and sumptuous sauces inside a freshly baked light-as-air loaf. Slide onto one of the benches in the narrow but welcoming dining area opposite the open kitchen and watch as they whip up your meal. If you have time, stay and chat with the friendly staff. If not, be on your way - 5 minutes in and out with a fresh take on classic Vietnamese fare. Besides, you can order via app Grab Food.

Our Recommendation


We loved the roast beef with cheese special. It’s a perfect fusion of east and west: juicy cuts of roast beef topped with melted mozzarella cheese, combined with traditional fillings (pate, veggies, chili sauce).

Roast Beef and Mozzarella Special Banh Mi - 40.000 VND



  • Address: 21 Le Thanh Phuong street, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa
  • Open time: 6:15am-10am, 4:30pm-10pm
  • Hotline: 0903507039 (Mrs. Hong) 
  • Price: 20k-30k
  • You can order via Shopee Food


Banh Mi Ba Le is a well-known and popular bread shop in Nha Trang, appreciated not only by tourists but also by locals. It is a specialty brand that originated from Saigon bread and was introduced to Nha Trang in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Mr. Ba Le, who was originally from Saigon, passed on his bread-making skills to a woman before moving to the United States. The woman returned to Nha Trang to teach the skill to the brothers and sisters in her family, and from there, seven Ba Le bread shops were established.

Mixed Bread - 20.000 VND

Ba Le bread offers 4 main types of fillings: mixed, fish, chicken and Vietnamese sausage. Today, I tried mixed bread. Ba Le's filling consists of ham, pate, sausage, mayonnaise, broth with shumai and soy sauce, chili, cucumber, and pickles. The outer layer is a hot, crispy crust, while the inside is soft and moist. All of these flavors blend together to create the delicious taste of traditional Vietnamese mixed bread.

For a fairly inexpensive price of only 20,000-30,000 VND, depending on whether you choose a large or small loaf, you can be satisfied and full right away. Additionally, you can enjoy a stunning view of the sea while indulging in a loaf of bread and a delicious cup of coffee.



  • Address: Opposite 43 Dang Tat, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa
  • Open time: 6am-10am, 3pm-9pm
  • Hotline: 0905587229 (no shipping)
  • Price: 17k-20k
Mixed Banh Mi. Simple look but great taste  - 17.000 VND

This is bread shop that is owned by a couple who have been selling for years. They are famous for their delicious Vietnamese-style bread that is filled with an array of ingredients such as pate, sausages, ham, shredded pork, eggs, pickles, and cucumbers. The combination of these fresh ingredients creates a delightful flavor.

In addition, they also sell vegetarian dumplings and egg dumplings

Note: The bread shop is opposite 43 Dang Tat, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

Be aware! This bread shop is not located in the house on the photo above, it is situated across from this house 43 Dang Tat. Since the street vendor bread shop does not have a numbered address, we have to describe its location in this manner to help you locate it more easily 😊


  • Address: 26A Lam Son, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa
  • Open time: 6:30am-1pm, 3:30pm-7pm (it is not available for purchase on the 1st and the 15th day of every Lunar Calendar's month)
  • Hotline: 0766666656
  • Price: from 25k
  • You can order via app Grab Food 
Roast Pork Banh Mi - 25.000 VND

Roast pork Banh Mi Ngoc Hai is a restaurant in Nha Trang that specializes in serving scrumptious roast pork. Their pork is roasted whole, resulting in a crispy skin that is then cut into bite-sized pieces and served on bread upon customers' request. One thing that sets Ngoc Hai apart from other restaurants is that they marinate their bread with sauce, adding even more flavor to their already delicious pork bread.


The pork is soaked in a unique sauce, resulting in a crispy, fragrant, and juicy pork skin and fat that are layered inside a freshly baked loaf of bread. It is then served with pickles, cucumbers, and chili peppers smothered in a flavorful sauce.


The restaurant's space offers plenty of dining tables and row of chair for customers to sit and wait.



  • Address:  01 To Hien Thanh street, Tan Lap, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa
  • Open time: 6am-10pm
  • Price: 18k-25k
Steamed and fried sausage Banh Mi - 18.000 VND

Banh Mi Nguyen Huong offers Nha Trang sausage bread. You can choose steamed or fried sausage bread or mix both together. The filling mainly consists of Vietnamese Banh Mi, sausage, chili, soy sauce and cucumbers, coriander which gives it a spicy kick. For those who can't eat spicy food, you can request the shop owner to leave out the chili. The first taste I felt was the dissolution of bread and sausage with the spiciness of chili. Although the filling may not be extensive in variety, it has a unique and delicious taste. 


For only 18.000 VND, you can indulge in a mouthwatering Banh Mi Nguyen Huong. The popularity of this bread shop means that mornings can be quite crowded, so be prepared to wait patiently for your turn.




I hope that Zoom's information about Nha Trang bread can assist you in selecting a suitable location. If you get the chance to visit Nha Trang, be sure not to overlook Vietnamese Banh Mi and please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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