Enjoy Vietnamese Bread at Banh Mi Phan

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Banh Mi 

Hungry, but on the go? Take a minute to grab a banh mi: the ultimate Vietnamese street food. “Banh mi” simply translates to “bread”; a more accurate translation would be “Vietnamese sandwich”. But, like any sandwich, it does start with the bread. Banh mi can be traced back to the French baguette - with a thin, crispy crust and airy inside. But Vietnamese bread is different: some mixture of local climate, ingredients, and baking magic makes it some of the most delightfully light and delicious 40 cm of bread you’ll ever have. The paper-thin but flavorful crust contains a light, almost hollow interior, perfect for filling with a variety of ingredients - things like grilled pork, beef, chicken, or fish, and fresh vegetables like chopped carrot, cilantro, and chili pepper - all brought together with a savory or spicy sauce. 

Banh Mi Phan 

Across Vietnam, there are as many kinds of banh mi as there are places to buy it - anywhere from sidewalk stands to chain restaurants. But if you are in downtown Nha Trang, stop by our favorite place: Banh Mi Phan. It’s a family shop founded by the owner’s grandmother in front of her house back in the1960s. At their new location on 164 Bach Dang street, the tradition continues, and evolves. 

They do it right at Banh Mi Phan. As they will gladly tell you, it all starts with fresh ingredients. Choose from traditional fillings like pork and pate, or fusion fare such as fried chicken or roast beef with mozzarella. It’s all combined with crisp veggies and sumptuous sauces inside a freshly baked light-as-air loaf. Slide onto one of the benches in the narrow but welcoming dining area opposite the open kitchen and watch as they whip up your meal. If you have time, stay and chat with the friendly staff. If not, be on your way - 5 minutes in and out with a fresh take on classic Vietnamese fare. 



Location: 164 Bach Dang, Nha Trang

Hours of Operation: 6 am to 8:30 pm, every day. 

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Enjoy Vietnamese Bread at Banh Mi Phan551
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