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Introduce iBeach Nha Trang



iBeach Nha Trang is a real estate company in Viet Nam, which is built in the case properties of Nha Trang are developing day by day in a good attention. And the number of tourists and foreingers are working or retiring here are the same developing. We always try to complete our services quality, to help tenants as good as we can.

Nha Trang Properties is a real estate agent, which support information about Nha Trang properties.

Please contact to us if you are finding any kind of property for rent or property for sale in Nha Trang. If you are in Nha Trang, or anywhere in Vietnam, or even outside of Viet Nam, we can still support to you our real estate services.

We help people who are working here or retiring here, or travelling here for shorterm/ longterm, to find out their right staying place.

An apartment? A villa? A house? Even a hotel room for rent, with all kinds of accomodation choices in Nha Trang. Our services are helping you to find them out.


If you are interested in a new business here. And starting with a hotel for sale or for rent in Nha Trang, an office for rent in Nha Trang,... We make sure to help you with all our best experiences for your new business places.

If you are finding a stable place to stay in this beautiful city for many years later. And you are searching apartmentsvillas or houses for sales in Nha Trang. We are always ready to help you with many suitable options, then you can decide nice price and nice quality property..


Nha Trang apartments building are more various day by day, and also many new villas areas in Nha Trang are developing. These give tenants more and more options, to find a right one for shorterm or longterm rental. And our jobs are to show you the suitable options, to save your money and your time as well.           


Your best source for housing services in Nha Trang

We can help you find a place to live in beautiful Nha Trang, Vietnam. We specialize in housing and accomodation suitable for expatriate living,  an apartment, a whole house or just a room, rent, lease or sale, short or long term. We can help you find a place before you arrive, find you temporary accommodations while you look, or even help with making deposits while still in your home country. But our real specialty is bringing together the Vietnamese property owner with the foreigner living in Vietnam.

  • Apartments
  • Serviced Apartments
  • Houses
  • Rent
  • Buy
  • long term - short term
  • all price ranges
  • We speak both English and Vietnamese.

We can help you find a place to suit your needs, be it a small studio or a villa; for a few weeks or a year or more. Our services include:

  • show apartments
  • help negotiate between tenant and property owner
  • help ensure fair and reasonable contracts
  • Although we no longer provide unrelated services such as visa extensions, driver's licences, work permits, or marriage permits), we can still help with these essential services through our associates.

Normally all housing services are free to the tenants.