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About Nha Trang


Empty sandy beaches that stretch for miles, cool waterfalls, ranges of untouched mountains, an interesting history, and a unique culture, Nha Trang has it all.

Fast becoming one of the top destinations in Vietnam for all these reasons and more, here are 11 attractions you must not miss if Nha Trang is in your itinerary.

Nha Trang’s famous beaches live up to their reputation. The city is situated right on the coast, making a beach holiday within reach for all budgets. Whether you are staying at a hostel or a five-star in the tourist centre, the ocean is always less than a 15-minute walk away and all beaches in Nha Trang are free to the public. And what’s more, venture out of the downtown core and you’re spoiled with additional options.


Tran Phu Boulevard runs north-south along the coast, separating the beach from the downtown core. Nha Trang Beach is the star attraction, with clean white sand, blue waters, swaying palms and a pleasant promenade.